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25 dec 2019 om 21:00 I am very disappointed I have ordered some shrimp noodles and in the end there was not a single shrimp, it was just water with noodles and some vegetables. pay € 20 for something like that?
21 dec 2019 om 18:34 Eten was slecht
21 nov 2019 om 23:17 The worse Chinese food ever. Really disgusting. A combination of burned stinking noodles with dog-food-style pork and... rice. The abominable combination was toped with red hot peppers which burned my mouth from the first bite. I just threw it away.
21 okt 2019 om 21:51 Soep was uitgelopen in de zak en niet echt lekker. Flauwe pasta
16 okt 2019 om 0:30 Geen tijd voor te koken, dan maar vlug wat chinees besteld. Overheerlijk sappig was het spek met pittig Szechuan sausje. De kikkerbillen met jasje (typhoon style), alsook succulent. Ideale smaakmakers voor de klevende rijst. Uitgesproken oosters eten.
16 sep 2019 om 23:31 Egg wasn't mentioned in the allergies...yet my dish had egg in it. The other dish was way too spicy and had little taste to it. They also forgot to put it in the bag the first time around so we had to wait 90+ minutes for our food.
20 jun 2019 om 16:00 miauwkes was dat pikant!